Production of precast concrete

The production follows on a circulationsystem on steel trays. Every part is made individually (Losgröße 1).
Calculation and construction of ceilings with last CAD-technology.

[Element ceiling]

The CAD-output data is read by the main computer and converted into machine-data. The main computer controls the whole arrangement.

Data-flow in an automatic precast concrete factory
The casing consists out of steelprofiles with triangular bars, which are affixed with strong magnets on the steelpallet. The placement of the casing is made by a casingrobot. Data for correct placement is sent by the main computer.
Armoring is put into by hand or by robots. After this the electriccans, empty conduits, etc are affixed.

The cased, armored sheet on the concreting table

The concrete is poured with an automatic concrete dispencer. So the right amount of concrete gets into the right place. With data from the main computer, the concrete dispencer is able to place concrete with accurate sheet thickness.

Now, the concrete is getting compressed and afterwards the sheets are carried into the hardnesschamber.

An already harded Case 1 is getting objected into a freshly concreted case. So a double wall comes into being.

[Double wall]

It follows the stripping and lifting of the elements.  
After adequate storage and termination, the transport to the building lot follows.  

Afterwards the precast parts are installed with a crane on the building lot.